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Artwork - Original

7,949.00 GBP
' High speed pass ' Original 'High Speed Pass ' Original acrylic painting on a large box canvas . This impressive painting will make an impact in any room ! Mako sharks are one of the fastest fish in the sea and this painting captures it as it flies past . It features  two types of finish to give an fantastic almost 3D look to the shark .

Box canvas 180 x 120 cm 


As this is a very large canvas please contact us for shipping quotes before buying . 
2,100.00 GBP
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"Dragon " Original

Thebeautiful Seadragon in this painting appears to be floating out in front of the canvas .

acrylic on box canvas , ready to hang or frame .

60 x 60 cm

1,500.00 GBP
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"lord of the rings "The blue ringed octopus is a tiny and very beautiful creature but also packs a deadly punch ! This original Acrylic on canvas allows you to enjoy this amazing little octopus in complete safety . 

Box canvas of 40 x 40 cm , ready to hang .  Framed in a chunky black hardwood frame .
1,500.00 GBP
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A place to hide One of Nick's special experimental pieces , "A place to hide"  is painted in layers of resin on a specially modified and silver leaf coated artists panel making it a true three dimensional painting . 

Panel is 50 x 50 cm 

Framed in complimentary matte black 

1,750.00 GBP
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After the rain originalOne of Nicks special split level series , "After the rain" shows a stingray just below the surface with a stormy sky above. The high gloss resin sea contrasts well with the matte sky above . 

Acrylic on artists wood panel 60 x 42 cm 
framed in gloss black 

3,450.00 GBP
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Battle Scars Beautiful wide landscape view of this battle scarred shark 

Acrylic on canvas with a full matte finish so ideal for rooms where a gloss finish would be too reflective . 

Framed and ready to hang 

Size with frame 161 x 49 cm